You Don’t Have To Choose

Updated: Jan 16

I come from a family of law enforcement as well as interracially married. I will ALWAYS support what is right and ALWAYS speak up when something is wrong.

Some people can’t be open minded enough to understand that “Back The Blue” doesn’t mean that you stand with those officers who don’t uphold the law and violate people’s civil rights AND some people can’t be open minded enough to know that “BLACK LIVES MATTER” doesn’t represent that ONLY Black Lives Matter. We gotta do better y’all. This is what’s wrong in todays world.

The bill that the governor of IL says he’s going to sign off on has some very concerning issues. I am in full support of officers being held personally accountable for their actions, however I’m concerned with some other aspects. One not being held on bond due to not having the financial means to post bail. This is concerning because (I’m speaking of rural communities) those people that are habitual offenders already repeat offend knowing that they may sit in jail for months. What happens if they know they commit the crime and they will be out the next day? The crime rate will skyrocket.

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