We Ain't the Same

We ain't the same. You're flexing, I'm living. See the difference? You're trying to IMPRESS, I'm trying to PROGRESS.

Move in silence sis! When you decide to make a big move or significant change, make sure you move in quietly.

People may be judgmental or may seem as though they aren't rooting for you. It's not because they don't agree with what you are doing or the moves you are making. It's because you are doing something that they never had the faith to do.

I've struggled a lot in my life with self doubt and feelings that I wasn't good enough. I always wanted to be just like someone else. I wanted to be a version of someone that probably never existed. It's so easy to paint a picture of who you are and what you stand for to the world on social media. As I've developed into my best self over the last two years, time and time again I sit back and I see the life that those that I know personally, are attempting to paint of themselves or their family. The sad reality is the picture that they paint couldn't be further from the life they live.

Indulging myself into self development taught me the true meaning of one of my favorite quotes. "Whats understood doesn't need to be explained". Those that are comfortable in the person they are, that are truly putting in their best effort at life in general, are happy in their relationship/marriage, confident in what they bring to the table, and basically just confident in general don't need to explain anything. That goes for real life and social media. We tend to over explain or brag about our life when things don't end up the way we wanted them to trying to fill a void.

Life has a way of humbling us. I'm thankful for every struggle I've faced in my life because without the struggle I wouldn't be the woman I am today. Through self development and a lot of soul searching, I'm happy to say that I have been humbled. www.chastitypittman.com

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