Out with the old, in with the new

Updated: Jan 11

Quality over quantity. Look, it took me far too long to realize this. I've never been the type of person to consistently hang out with a lot of people or to have a lot of "friends". I was the type however, that if and when those "friends" needed me or wanted to go do something I was always in. No matter what I had to do to make it work I was always there. These days you're lucky if you can get me on the phone. Life is so much better this way!

A lot of hard lessons learned but the most important thing that I learned was that I wasn't happy with myself. I said it!! I was miserable with my own company. I had to realize that I had things going on in my life that were causing me to look for happiness within other people because I wasn't happy at home. Lets be real, most of the company I kept were the same exact way, miserable. It was a disaster waiting to happen and I just couldn't see it coming. When you are entertaining bullshit you don't realize that you are bringing that same bullshit they carry into your own life! You get so caught up in what they have going on and giving your best advice (which probably sucked anyway) that your whole mindset slowly changes. I became bitter towards people that told me I was wrong or that didn't like my friends. A few years ago I would have never been able to admit it but all of these people were right.

The best decision I ever made was to let go of everyone that was negative in my life. If you don't bring something to my table you can't sit with me. I'm happy with my own company!! We all use the term friend too lightly. Everyone isn't for you. If this is a struggle for you trust me. Fall back. Fall back from people in your life, social media, any distractions outside your home. Read, self reflect, start doing something that you can enjoy alone. Before you know it you will be your own best friend!

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