Out with the old...

DIY is my thing. I switch up the look of our home ALL THE TIME! I’m quite sure my husband is tired of coming home from work to find yet another change I’ve made.

I’m not one of them women who need help to get things done or help me do it. In fact I need the opposite. Peace & quiet. It’s a type of therapy for me. I enjoy the alone time and I get such a feeling of accomplishment upon completion.

You’re probably thinking “it must be nice to get new things and redo your home all the time”. That’s just it, though. I don’t buy new to add to my existing. I take hand me downs and I turn them into what I WANT! So much more satisfying than going out and swiping a debit card.

I spent an entire day last week giving my bedroom a make over. Feedback more than appreciated!

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